Comcast's Cohen 'Encouraged' By Broadband NOI

EVP Suggests FCC Chairman Genachowski's 'Third Way' Path Not Leaning Far Enough

Comcast was accentuating the positive in its reaction to the Federal Communications Commission vote Thursday to vet various proposals for overseeing broadband transmissions, including the agency majority's proposal for partial reclassification under Title II.
Comcast, whose smackdown by the FCC over BitTorrent and subsequent reversal by a federal appeals court prompted the FCC move, praised the fact that it was an inquiry proposing several options, including doing nothing or providing tougher regulations. The cable giant even seemed to give a sort of shout-out for the FCC chairman's leanings in what he has pitched as a compromise position between those extremes.
"We are pleased that the Notice of Inquiry the FCC adopted considers all options and appears to lean toward a narrowly tailored effort to protect consumers while ensuring that investment and development of broadband networks will continue," said Comcast executive vice president David Cohen. "While we remain concerned about unjustified regulation, we are encouraged that the careful balancing the Chairman promised in his public statements since first announcing a 'third way' has led to a rational next step as all stakeholders continue to work together to keep the Internet ecosystem growing and open."
The FCC could have simply issued a declaritory ruling making the change to the chairman's Title II third way proposal, since reclassification would not require a rulemaking process.
But Cohen suggested the chairman's path was not leaning far enough: "It is important to continue to consider with caution the risks associated with a Title II approach, as we believe that approach will pose unnecessary risks to, and will not achieve, the limited objectives outlined in the NOI. Comcast looks forward to continuing to participate in these constructive efforts."


AT&T: FCC's 'Third Way' Would Be Road To Ruin

Company tells commission that its proposal to reclassify broadband transmissions as a telecommunications service subject to some Title II common carrier regs--FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's so-called "third way" proposal" would be a "road to ruin" based on "incontrovertible" evidence in the public record.

Saturday Broadband Bill Meeting Held

A source familiar with the meeting plans confirms that network neutrality stakeholders are continuing to talk over the weekend about a possible targeted bill to clarify the FCC's broadband regulatory authority.