Comcast taps Pace

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Pace Micro Technology has won a three-year contract to provide Comcast Cable with 350,000 digital set-tops that will be deployed with both Motorola-and Scientific-Atlanta-based networks.

The contract includes a minimum of 300,000 Motorola-based set-tops that will incorporate DigiCipher II conditional access, an integrated DOCSIS cable modem and an optional hard-disk drive. The Motorola-based boxes will support both Liberate and Microsoft TV interactive software and will have optional HDTV capability.

Comcast is also buying "Pegasus-compliant" Pace Di5101 set-tops for use in its Scientific-Atlanta-based networks. Those boxes will include Power-KEY conditional access, the PowerTV operating system, a DAVIC cable modem and a choice of S-A Resident Application or Pioneer Passport electronic program guides.

Pace will develop the Motorola-based box in Boca Raton, Fla., and the UK.