Comcast Revving Up X1 Rollout

Now shipping 30,000 X1 boxes per day
X1 box  400x300_6.jpg

Impressed by X1’s continued ability to reduce customer churn while increasing VOD usage, DVR adoption and the desire for additional outlets, Comcast has ramped up deployment to about 30,000 boxes per day, up from previous daily run-rates of between 15,000 to 20,000.

“We continue to believe X1 is…absolutely a game-changer,” Comcast CEO and chairman Brian Roberts said on the company’s second quarter earnings call. Comcast reduced video sub losses to 69,000 in the typically tough second quarter.

“We’re pushing to be even faster” than 30,000 X1 boxes per day Roberts said. Comcast is also making its new voice remote standard for X1, and expects to ship 6 million of them this year.

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