Comcast to Offer Ford Funeral On Demand

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Comcast is offering former president Gerald Ford's memorial service on demand. The cable operator is programming nine highlights packages of the services in a packaged called "Death of a President" starting Jan. 5 to digital cable customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Highlights, which were compiled by Comcast's CN8 local network, include footage from the services at the National Cathedral, the funeral procession, as well as remembrances and eulogies. They are being offered for free through Feb. 1.

Separately, Comcast said it plans to offer on demand highlights from various inauguration ceremonies, along with Jan. 23's State of the Union address.

Comcast, the country's largest cable operator, says it offers more than 8,000 programs per month on demand and that some 95% of them are free.