Comcast-NBCU: Copps Says Deal Has 'Steep Climb'

Commissioner has questions on prices, diversity and net neutrality

Comcast-NBCU: Complete Coverage
The comments continued to flood the electronic transom as
different constituencies contemplated a combined Comcast-NBCU.

Arguably the elder statesmen of consolidation critics at the
FCC, Commissioner Michael Copps said the proposal proves wrong those who have
argued the era of media consolidation was a thing of the past.

"The push to combine content and distribution continues
and, as the economy recovers, we will see more proposed media industry
combinations," he said in a statement.

As for the deal itself: "I am anxious to hear more from
the parties to the deal about how they believe the proposed transaction, as
presently constructed, advances the public interest. It will come as no news to
them that they face a very steep climb with me."

Copps said he had lots of questions himself, including the
impact of the deal on consumer prices, on minorities and diversity, and whether
it gives more urgency to network neutrality rules, all with an eye toward the

Copps was the only commissioner to have weighed in at press