Comcast on FCC’s Aug. 1 Agenda

Network-nondiscrimination complaint vs. cable operator on agenda for FCC’s the Aug. 1 open meeting.

The Federal Communications Commission Friday released its agenda for the Aug. 1 open meeting and its complaint against Comcast is on the agenda,, suggesting the chairman has the votes to pass it. If so, they almost certainly come from Democratic Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein.

FCC chairman Kevin Martin told reporters two weeks ago that he planned to vote on the proposal, which would find that Comcast violated the FCC's network-nondiscrimination principles by blocking peer-to-peer traffic (Comcast said it didn't) and not sufficiently notifying customers about what it was doing (Comcast said it did).

The commission will also consider an item related to the regulatory fees it collects from broadcasters and others and whether they need to be changed.