Comcast, BitTorrent Team Up on Traffic


Comcast and BitTorrent agreed to find ways that BitTorrent's file-sharing application can be used by Comcast's high-speed-data subscribers without clogging up cable pipes and impacting service.

Comcast said that both companies thought they could come up with a solution without the need for government intervention. The announcement was hailed by opponents of mandatory network-neutrality regulations or legislation but panned by activists unconvinced that this took care of the perceived problem.

BitTorrent and others had complained to the FCC about Comcast's network-management techniques for the bandwidth-heavy file-sharing system, which Comcast said were necessary to provide a quality Internet experience for all of its customers.

While Comcast will look for ways to adjust its network management, BitTorrent also agreed to try to make its applications work better.

Comcast pledged to migrate to a network-managment system that is “protocol-agnostic,” the company said last week in announcing the agreement. One of the complaints about its network management was that it targeted BitTorrent protocols.