A Comcast-Backed Telemundo Could Grow Hispanic TV Marketplace


Comcast’s imminent deal to acquire a majority stake in NBC Universal
may change the balance of power in the Hispanic TV world and possibly
give a boost to the operator’s efforts to sell its services to the
Hispanic community. NBC Universal owns Telemundo Communications Group,
which encompasses not only a Spanish-language broadcast network,
youth-oriented cable channel Mundos, an online video presence, but the
second biggest provider of Spanish-language novellas in the world.
Another plus, Telemundo is in a growth business as marketers look to
target multicultural consumers more seriously.

Comcast currently competes hard against DBS systems for Hispanic
consumers and the huge library of Spanish-language content could
supersize its ambitions both in video on demand and in bundling more
attractive programming packages to Hispanic consumers. Comcast was said
to be impressed by the presentation on Telemundo’s assets and
executives are excited about the potential offered by a new owner.

Former NBC Universal Chairman Bob Wright, now an adviser with Thomas
H. Lee Capital Partners, observes: “If I were Comcast I would be
looking at Telemundo [as an asset]. Comcast is in a lot of markets
where there is a Hispanic population, South Florida for instance.”
Wright told B&C the Hispanic broadcast network hasn’t had
much opportunity to shine as part of NBC Universal’s broad portfolio.
Comcast might be able to promote the Telemundo brand in order to help
sell its low-cost triple play services specifically targeted to that

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