Comcast-Backed Olympics Channel On Hold

Comcast, USOC to work out dispute with IOC

The U.S. Olympic Committee and Comcast have put on hold plans to create an Olympics channel in the wake of protests from the International Olympic Committee, according to the Associated Press.

USOC chairman Larry Probst told the AP Sunday that he has decided to delay the creation of the Comcast USOC joint television network venture announced last month until all issues have been resolved with the IOC. Shortly after the announcement of the new Olympic sports-targeted network, The IOC condemned the USOC for "acting unilaterally" before the parties "had a chance to consider together all the ramifications regarding the new channel.

The announcement to delay the development of the network - which was planned to launch in 2010 sometime after the conclusion of the Winter Games in Vancouver -- came after Probst met with IOC president Jacques Rogge to discuss the dispute over the U.S. Olympic Network, according to the AP.

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