Colbert Nation Replants Its Flag

Comedy Central relaunches fan site for The Colbert Report , unifies it with official site.
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Comedy Central relaunched Colbert Nation, the fan site for The Colbert Report, and consolidated it with the old official site as the one-stop online place for all things Stephen Colbert.

Previously, Colbert fans had the option of going to the official site at Comedy Central or the Colbert Nation fan site, but Paul Beddoe-Stephens, the network’s vice president for digital media, said it was time to clear up the confusion and unify the two.

Now, Comedy Central will send surfers directly to Colbert Nation.

The retooled site will offer clips of "any moment" from the entire run of the show, which started in 2005. That means if you missed John Edwards trying to trade votes for a Jet Ski or Colbert combing a legislator’s mustache, the wait is over.

Previously, only clips from the previous three weeks had been available. Full episodes from up to 30 days before will be available on the new site, as they had been on the official Colbert site.

Also new is an updated search function, according to Beddoe-Stephens.

“I’m thrilled with our new Web site," Colbert said in a release announcing the relaunch. "I only wish John McCain knew how to get there."

The Colbert Report launched in 2005 as a spinoff from its 11 p.m. lead-in, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The pair earned Peabody Awards and a legion of fans who look to them for incisive social commentary masquerading as political parody.