Cojocaru lands on ET


Paramount Domestic Television has hired Steven Cojocaru -- weekly contributor
to NBC's Today, style correspondent for NBC Enterprises'
Access Hollywood and West Coast style editor for People magazine -- as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

As part of the deal, Cojocaru and Paramount will develop a daytime talk show
for Cojocaru that will be "fun and frothy and celebrate show business," Cojocaru
said, although a concept for the show is only in the very beginning stages.

Cojocaru will begin contributing to ET in late August.

"He is going to do a lot of different things on ET," executive producer Linda Bell
Blue said. "The biggest stars in Hollywood really
adore Steven and they want to be around him."

"There's something about watching him that you cannot take your eyes off of,"
said Terry Wood, executive vice president of Paramount Domestic Television. "He
will become appointment television on Entertainment Tonight."

At this point, there are no plans for Cojocaru to participate in Paramount's
upcoming The Insider, an ET spinoff that will launch in access
time slots in fall 2004.

While Cojocaru will continue his work on Today and
People, he will no longer appear on Access Hollywood.