Coalition Targets L.A. Meters


A coalition of Hispanic and Latino groups and public officals have called a press conference for Monday, May 10, on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles to launch the West Coast version of their campaign, Don't Count Us Out.

Their aim is to block the roll-out of Nielsen local people meters in L.A., the nation's second largest media market. The launch is planned for July.

They charge the system undercounts minorities and young people and that the result will be that their civil rights will be "shortchanged with less programming, less economic opportunities and less influence in the media marketplace."

A similar protest at City Hall in New York last month by the same group helped delay the April 8 roll-out of local people meters in New York, the number-one market.

Fox has been supportive of the protests, helping pay for newspaper ads in New York opposing the roll-out. Fox's younger and urban-targetted Fox and UPN stations could suffer from the kind of undercounting charged by the group.