CNN's Time Vehicle Gets Chrysler Plugs


In a deal drawing on all of CNN’s outlets from cable to mobile phones, Chrysler signed on as the sole sponsor for the networks coverage of Time Magazine’s selection of Person of the Year.

The campaign will be capped by a Chrysler-sponsored hour documentary that airs Dec. 18. But it also includes commercials within profiles of eight candidates that will be available on cable VOD, online, and audio podcasts.

Each segment will be wrapped by Chrysler ads tailored for the specific distribution outlet.

CNN President of Ad Sales Greg D’Alba says the deal is an outgrowth of an earier restructuring of the network’s ad sales operation to broker ad opportunities across all platforms at once. D’Alba says that "80% of our revenue for this year is attached to some sort of TV-web integration."

Person of the Year candidates include President George W. Bush, Lance Armstrong, Pope Benedict XVI and J.K. Rowling.