CNN's Cooper: Storytelling Matters


Anderson Cooper may not have many tips for marketing and promotional types gathered at Promax/BDA in New York this week, but he does share the TV industry's fascination with new technology. Cooper says he blogs, and technological innovations mean the personal video cameras he likes to travel with keep getting smaller. But the silver-haired CNN anchor had words of caution: "With all the focus on technology," he said at the conference's opening session,"it is easy to forget what we're trying to deliver. Storytelling does matter."

Cooper has been on a promotional whirlwind of his own in recent weeks, promoting his best-selling book and exclusive interview with actress Angelina Jolie, which airs tonight on his show, Anderson Cooper 360.

While Cooper is one of the youngest TV news anchors, he says he didn't set out to helm an anchor desk. His mother, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, told him to "follow his bliss" after college, and Cooper says that turned out to be journalism. "Telling stories is what I love to do," he said. "I never dreamed I'd be an anchor. I dreamed I'd have a vehicle [to take him around while reporting]."

But Cooper cautioned that the partisan nature that has seeped into cable news is not his style: "My job is to be an observer, get the facts and answer the questions."