Tops Media, Political Sites On Election Day

Site's number of visits up 146% on Nov. 4 over the day before

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claimed .61% (or a little over one-half of 1%) of all Web site traffic on Election Day topping the traffic to media/political sites, but Fox had two sites in the top 10.

That is according to Hitwise, which tracks the U.S. online Web surfing of 10 million users to over a million sites.

CNN's number of visits was up 146% on Nov. 4 over the day before, when it still claimed .25% of traffic to media/political sites. CNN's political ticker site came in at number 12 with .05%.
MSNBC was second with .40%, followed by Fox News with .22 %, Drudge Report with .20% and The New York Times with .12%. Fox News's separate election site was number six with .09%.

Interestingly, visits to Barack Obama's Web site increased 6% on election day, while traffic to John McCain's site dropped by 18%.

Other notables on the list: ABC's site was number 8 with .06%, CBS was number 13 with .04%, and Current TV was number 21 with .02%.