CNN: This war won't be televised


During the coming military operations, news organizations are not expected to have anywhere near the access to the Pentagon that they did during the Gulf War in 1991, CNN reported on Tuesday.

"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has not ordered press restrictions, but there are no plans to include press in covering operations," CNN Pentagon reporter Jamie McIntyre said. "These [operations] will be highly secretive, small and targeted. There are no plans to bring reporters on ships or to send them out with the troops."

The White House appears to be sending a similar message. "We've asked our allies to cooperate with us in military areas, in financial areas, in economic areas, in political and diplomatic," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told the press corps on Monday. "And I understand why you want to know more. But for me to indicate to you anything more than that would also be an indication to our enemy about what concrete steps allies may be taking. And one of the easiest ways for them to get around any steps our allies may be taking is for them to know about them."
- Paige Albiniak