CNN touts Lou Dobbs' comeback


CNN is planning a marketing campaign to herald the return of Lou Dobbs as anchor of its Moneyline show next Monday.

TV spots will compare Dobbs to Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison, with one print ad using the line, "It's not a recession unless he says so." Another print ad says, "On May 14, invedstor confidence returns to CNN. (You're welcome, Mr. Greenspan.)". On Monday, Dobbs is slated to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Turner Broadcasting CEO Jamie Kellner.

Dobbs returns to CNN after departing in 1999 in the wake of disagreements with then-CNN president Rick Kaplan. He has served as chairman and CEO of Web start-up in the interim. CNN is clearly anxious about breathing new life into Moneyline, which saw its ad revenue fall 11% last year, to $55.8 million, according to Competitive Media Reporting. - Richard Tedesco