CNN Regrets Query-Rigging

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It is interesting how television often repeats itself. During CNN’s youthful "Rock the Vote" debate with Democratic presidential hopefuls Nov. 4, the candidates got a sanitized version of the famous 1994 "boxers or briefs?" inquiry when a Brown University student asked "PC or Macs?"

A dull question for sure. What proved more interesting, though, is where the query came from. After getting panned by fellow students, Brown freshman Alexandra Trustman lashed out at CNN last week in the school paper.

She said she intended to ask a more complicated question on technology use, but a producer modified it "because it wasn’t lighthearted enough and they wanted to modulate the event with various types of questions." At the debate, she was handed a notecard with the producer’s cheeky question about computers.

CNN won’t name the producer but is shifting the blame. Said a CNN spokesperson, "In an attempt to encourage a lighthearted moment a producer working with Ms. Trustman clearly went too far. CNN regrets the producer’s actions."