CNN Plans More Web-Only Shows, Re-Partnering with Facebook for Obama Address

Network plans online-exclusive editions of shows planned around president's address to Congress

Look for CNN anchors and reporters to start doing more Web-only pieces and shows.

That is according to a network spokesperson referencing the network's on-air/online coverage of President Barack Obama's first address to Congress Feb. 24.

John King, for example, will host the first online-exclusive edition of his new Sunday show, State of The Union with John King, from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, followed by Ali Velshi and Christine Romans hosting an online-only special, State of The Economy, which will undoubtedly be a major topic of the president's speech.

CNN will also re-team with Facebook to create an online community tied to the event and accessible via The two paired on coverage/community for the Inauguration.

And just in case anyone needs a reminder of how bad things are where they live, will enable users to "track the current economic climate state-by-state across various categories and indicators, including unemployment rate, foreclosures and job sector changes."

CNN will also have special on-air coverage throughout the day, including a two-hour Anderson Cooper at 10-midnight following the speech.