CNN Gets War Boost, Fox News Still Tops


CNN typically gets a big Nielsen boost when the world starts going to hell, and its coverage of the war in Lebanon is no exception. Still, Fox News by far won the week.

The Israeli attack on Lebanon drove CNN’s total primetime audience 51% compared to the same week last year, to an average of 1 million viewers, while the Nielsen Media scores among the 25-54 news demo soared 97% to 364,000.

Fox News’ total audience actually dropped 3% to 1.9 million. But the No. 1 news network increased 13% in news demo to an average of 586,000. The network ranked fourth among all cable networks in total audience for the week.

MSNBC’s total audience increased 28% to 386,000 but zoomed 41% in the news demo to 161,000.