CNN Constructs "News Wall"


CNN has spruced up its new studio at the Time Warner Center in New York with "The News Wall," a giant video wall displaying both video and graphics that will make its debut tonight during the broadcasts of Paula Zahn Now at 8 pm and Anderson Cooper 360º at 10 pm.

The cable network describes "The News Wall" as a "larger, more powerful version" of the video wall used in The Situation Room, which currently allows news programs to deliver multiple stories simultaneously and offers viewers multiple angles from the same story. The new CNN studio, which will become the permanent home for American Morning starting next Monday, Oct. 9, also features a second video wall, dozens of plasma screens, and monitors and computer workstations that will allow anchors and reporters to track breaking stories directly from the set.

“What sets CNN apart from all other networks is the sheer volume of news we take in and turn around to viewers every day,” said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S, in a statement.“Our new studio puts viewers smack in the middle of our newsgathering machine.”