CNN claims crisis ratings coup


CNN executives' boast that that they really shine in a big crisis seems to
be proving out with the network far outscoring rival cable networks in the

While Fox News Channel has generally been tying or
slightly beating CNN in recent months, even the least favorable number showed
CNN putting up far stronger numbers.

CNN put out metered market results showing, CNN averaged a 6.1 cable household rating from 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. vs. a 2.4 for Fox News Channel and 2.1 for MSNBC.

Fox News delivered more complete ratings from the full
national sample and used different time periods.

In primetime, CNN posted a 5.9 vs 3.7 for FNC and 2.6 for MSNBC.

On a total day basis, CNN posted a 4.4 vs 2.4 for FNC
and 1.7 for MSNBC.

Complete broadcast ratings were not available, but CNN's viewership looks
like it's about 25-33% of the households viewing the major broadcast networks,
much bigger than usual.

- John M. Higgins