CN8 to Carry Clinton Live at Governors Event

CN8, The Comcast Network to offer live broadcast, live stream of President Bill Clinton’s keynote address.

CN8, The Comcast Network will offer an exclusive live broadcast of President Bill Clinton’s keynote address to the National Governors Association Centennial Meeting in Philadelphia, scheduled for Saturday.

Comcast’s news network will also live-stream the 30-minute address on its Web site and provide highlights free, on-demand to Comcast subscribers.

CN8’s coverage of the NGA meeting -- a four-day event that began Friday -- is scheduled for 1 p.m.-5 p.m. (EST) Saturday and will be available to more than 7 million homes in the mid-Atlantic and Potomac regions.

The on-demand highlights will be made available shortly thereafter via the “Get Local” category of Comcast’s On Demand menu and run through July 28.