Clinton role never compromised FCC, according to Hundt


Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt surprised many Washington insiders with his book's frank admission of the agency's cozy relationship with the Clinton administration during his tenure. But Hundt last week said his efforts to adhere to the White House agenda never damaged the FCC's role as an independent agency.

"Independence should be from Congress as well as from the administration," Hundt said. "An independent agency follows the law, not letters of particular congressmen or a call from the White House. We were very scrupulous when it came to the law. We won virtually all court challenges to our policies, which is how you test that."

Hundt said he wrote You Say You Want a Revolution to highlight Vice President Al Gore's role in developing government telcom policy and to help Silicon Valley understand why Washington is important and how the town works.

As for another book, he has already penned a draft of a fictionalized account of 1960s New Haven, Conn., and his high school days with Gore and college days with George W. Bush, but hasn't decided whether to submit it to a publisher.