Clinton Headlines Beyond Indecency


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton next week is headlining a New America Foundation event in Washington centering on parental-control devices in the age of even more media platforms to control.

For the mouthful of a luncheon program entitled, "Beyond Censorship: Policies and Technologies To Give Parents Control Over Children’s Media Consumption," the Democratic Senator from New York will join the Democratic Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, Democratic FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, and Republican Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate in addressing the issue.

The June 7 event will also host a host of  "provocations" by various presenters, followed by a roundtable discussion.

The many provocateurs include the Parents Television Council promoting à la carte cable service and family tiers; Benton Foundation President Gloria Tristani talking about kids issues, and presentations from Microsoft, Verizon and TiVo on the Internet and new-tech control solutions.

Senator Clinton, for her part, has expressed concern about the media's effect on children, and pushed legislation that creates a program under the auspices of the Centers For Disease Control to track the media habits of children and impact of the media on their behavioral development.

Tate and Copps both voted to propose fining TV broadcasters millions for content they felt was not appropriate to children or the 6 a.m.-10 p.m. hours, when indecent content can be regulated.
Tate also wrote to Senate Majority Bill Frist May 30 praising the fast-tracking of a bill boosting indecency fines, but also saying parents need even more help from government and industry to control content.
The Kaiser Family Foundation, which is providing the venue for the event and will also make a presentation, has long targeted media use by children as a health care issue, releasing numerous studies on the relationship between kids media consumption and various social issues.