Clinton cans talk show rumor


Former president Bill Clinton dismissed the idea that he would be joining the ranks of America's TV talk show hosts in the near future.

Asked at a New York media conference on Tuesday about the rumored talk show that Clinton buddy and TV producer Henry Thomason has reportedly pitched to NBC, Clinton said he was seeking no media role for himself. "Right now I'm trying to get out of the media," he quipped.

After a far-ranging address in which he slammed the media for paying more attention to Survivor than global debt or the AIDS epidemic last year, he also denied that he was assuming the role of media watchdog. "I'm not a media watchdog. I'm still a target." He said he had no comment on the media's coverage of his presidential pardons.
But he sounded a conciliatory note about the media: "I believe it's harder for you guys now because of the relentless pressure you've got on market share and because of the competition that exists.

"And it's not all news, some of it is near news," During a public Q&A session after his prepared remarks, Clinton also said he supports his wife Hillary's call for a unified television ratings system.

Clinton also said that he himself was a fan of Survivor and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. "I watch Survivor but I love Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?."
- Richard Tedesco