Cleaning Up Soaps


God knows how many people wrestle with balancing their Christian principles and their love of steamy daytime soaps. Toward that end, a Christian rapper/reggae singer/preacher has authored A Christian’s Look at Daytime Soap Operas.

Tyrone Short, who goes by the stage name Prince Trog (“Colorado’s One and Only Christian Reggae Rapper,” according to his Web site) says that God gave him the gift of evangelism, and told him to use it on soap fans.

“I understand the thrill of shows, and I can relate to them,” he says. “I just try to point out how the Evil One can distract you and bring you into bondage.”

Short, who admits he doesn’t watch much TV, relied mostly on soap-opera Web sites and his own memories from being an avid watcher of daytime dramas years before to self-publish the book.

He considers All My Children among the biggest offenders. “When I watched it, Susan Lucci played a free-spirited woman who would go after what she wants regardless of who she hurts,” he says. “If she lived next door to you, you’d hate a woman like that.”

A Christian’s Look, selling for $8, is available on Amazon and Short’s site, (Don’t believe Flash!? Check it yourself.) It’s a follow-up to his previous book, The Bible and the X-Station, which focuses on videogames and how they stand in the way of the Christian path (X-Station is a mix of Xbox and PlayStation). Short says he sold 50-100 copies of that book.