Classmates readied for attendance


Twentieth Television will launch its newest syndicated strip,
Classmates, June 30 on select Fox owned-and-operated stations, said Bob
Cook, president and chief operating officer of Twentieth, and Mike Smith, president and COO of
Classmates Online Inc. ( Monday.

Like Good Day Live and Ex-treme Dating before it, Twentieth is giving the
show a slow rollout in the hopes of building an audience in local markets
before taking the show nationwide.

The half-hour show is based on popular Web site, which
Web surfers use to locate old high-school peers, co-workers or military

The show will have a bit of a reality feel to it as the producers show people
trying to locate each other, with at least one participant unaware of who is
trying to contact them before attending a reunion.

David Armour will be the show's executive producer and showrunner, along with
executive producers Matt Papish and Glen Freyer.

Classmates will be produced by Classmates Online Inc., Pipeline Entertainment
and Small Cages Productions in association with Foxlabs and Twentieth Television