In an item on Hardball host Chris Matthews' tough
talk about Nightline and anchor Ted Koppel, Matthews' quote, "He's
not that good," incorrectly suggested a general criticism of Koppel.

Following is the entire quote from a transcript:

"You know, Koppel was great back in the old days when he did like the Gary
Hart interviews and things like that. He's got a lot of techniques, like he
never lets the person he's interviewing stay in the same room with him. That's
one way to not be accused of interrupting. You simply pull their lights -- the
lights are off, the sound's off. You never hear anybody trying to get a word in
with Ted Koppel. It's surgical! He starts talking, you don't hear them again.
He's not that good. I'm sorry. Nobody's that good. You're cut off cause
you're remote. You try to get in the studio with him. We'll see who is polite or