Citizens of Dish!


In a stunt promotion, EchoStar is seeking an American city or town to rename itself “Dish.”

The citizens of Dish will then receive 10-year subscriptions to the company’s Dish Network satellite TV service. Who thinks so little of their name that they would sell their civic pride for free satellite TV?

We consulted the media analysts at Sanford Bernstein, who contend that there are plenty of towns with unappealing names that should step up to the plate. Crapo, Md., and Hygiene, Colo., for instance.

EchoStar’s offer is worth around $4,000 per home. So,  Sanford Bernstein analysts say, smaller towns would be cheaper.

Changing the name of French Lick, Ind., would cost Dish just $2.9 million. Boring, Ore., at 5,406 homes, would cost $21 million, making Boring, Md.’s 905 homes a bargain at $3.6 million.

New York City would likely bust EchoStar at a cost of $12.3 billion.