CIC graduates to new mission


With cable connections and programming in place, Cable in the Classroom, the
industry's educational-outreach effort, is updating its mission to focus on how
best to use those tools in service of students, teachers and parents.

One of the first lessons in the new Classroom is economics. To pay for
initiatives like regional broadband demonstrations without breaking the budget,
CIC will reallocate some funds.

To find room in the projected $3 million budget -- about the same as was
budgeted in 2001 and 2000 -- public-service-announcement campaigns have been scrapped and travel is being

The technological boon that prompted the mission "refocusing" will also help
to pay for it.

Keeping travel expenses down will give CIC the ability to make more
of its educational efforts Web-based.

The biggest chunk of CIC's revenues, about $2 million per year, comes from
dues paid by MSOs and cable networks.

Operator dues are based on number of subscribers, while networks contribute a
flat amount.

Grants and investment income also contribute significantly.