Christian Coalition Sends Martin Thank-You Note


The Christian Coalition has asked its members to send FCC Chairman Kevin Martin a thank-you note for the FCC's recent proposed indecency fines, among other things.

"Chairman Martin has done a tremendous job in enforcing the indecency rules, such as proposing a record $3.6 million fine against dozens of CBS stations and affiliates for indecency on television," the group says.

The coalition put out an action alert Monday commending Martin for the indecency crackdown, as well as remarks at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas last week that, with still a large number of viewers without V chip-enabled TV sets, technology alone is not sufficient to prevent kids from watching the kind of programming the FCC is cracking down on.

That includes profanity in some cases, but not others, and some sexual situations even without proscribed language or nudity. Martin has pointed to the increasing number of indecency fines when talking of the FCC's boost in enforcement. More proposed TV fines under Martin than under all previous chairmen combined. Groups like the coalition, the American Family Association and Parents Research Council have been behind the vast majority of the boosted complaint totals.

The coalition also praised him for his support for multicast must-carry, which he also reiterated at the convention.