Chief Justice Asked To Allow Cameras


True to its pledge, the Radio-Television News Directors Association has sent its letter to new Chief Justice John Roberts asking him to allow TV and radio coverage of court proceedings.

In the letter, RTNDA President Barbara Cochran pointed out that his predecessor, William Rehnquist had allowed audio of Bush vs. Gore after the association had requested it, but went on to say that tapes were no longer enough.

“As an initial matter, RTNDA hopes that you will make the public release of audiotapes of Supreme Court oral arguments your standard practice," she said, but added: "In the present day, meaningful access necessarily means televised proceedings…only television has the ability to provide the public with a close visual and aural approximation of actually witnessing judicial proceedings without physical attendance.

"When electronic coverage is banned, the public is forced to depend on secondhand accounts filtered by the perceptions of reporters, which necessarily limits their understanding of the judicial process.”

Roberts said during his confirmation hearings that he was open to considering cameras.