Chase gives Wright a Sopranos cameo


After slamming the violent content on Home Box Office's The Sopranos, NBC chairman Bob Wright
got a little tweak back from show creator David Chase: an involuntary cameo
appearance in the season finale.

Wright famously criticized the HBO show for its violent content in a May 2001
memo circulated in the TV community and accompanied by a tape of the an episode
featuring the vicious beating death of a stripper.

In the note to producers and network executives, Wright wrote, "I want you
to help think about an issue that I believe is having a major impact on our
business -- the nature of the content in HBO's The Sopranos." He also asked
how recipients thought the episode "impacts mainstream entertainment and NBC in

Chase's response was to insert a video clip of Wright in the background of a
scene in Sunday night's wrap-up. As actress Drea de Matteo's character, Adriana
La Cerva, absently watches TV, Wright appears on screen speaking at an old
National Association of Broadcasters convention.

HBO wouldn't comment on the clip or why Chase used Wright in the scene.

Around the time the memo came out, Chase said, "It's obvious he was taking a
shot at the show, hoping to start some kind of temperance