Charlie Rose’s 60 Minutes Debut to Feature T. Boone Pickens

Profile Features Encounter Between the Swift Boat Ads Financier and John Kerry

Charlie Rose will make his debut on 60 Minutes Sunday with a profile of Texas billionaire and former Republican operative T. Bone Pickens. Rose, who has hosted an eponymous show on PBS since 1991, was a correspondent for 60 Minutes II until the show was canceled in 2005.

CBS News announced Rose's addition to 60 Minutes back in January.

Rose will do pieces for 60 as his schedule permits.

Produced by Tanya Simon and Michael Radutzky, the profile includes a visit to Pickens' Texas ranch as well as his alma mater Oklahoma State University, where he financed a football stadium. Rose also shadows Pickens at the Democratic National Convention, where Pickens' was talking up his "Pickens Plan" for American energy independence. The DNC foray includes an awkward moment when Pickens comes face-to-face with 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry. Pickens financed the Swift Boat ads against Kerry in the 2004 election. Click here to view a clip of the Kerry-Pickens segment.