Chabin To Steer Promax/BDA to 2010


Promax/BDA CEO Jim Chabin has re-upped with the electronic media promotion, marketing and design association until 2010.

The group's chairmen, ABC marketing head Michael Benson and Steve Kazanjian of DZN Media, credited Chabin with expanding the global reach of the organization since he rejoined it in November 2002, adding conferences and award programs in Arabia, China and India. They also said Chabin invigorated annual events for members in North America, Europe, Latin America and the UK.

Chabin has taken Promax/BDA into Africa and the Russian broadcast market, while last year introducing one-day promotion and marketing seminars in many key Asian territories, such as Bangkok, Thailand; Manila, the Phillipines; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Hong Kong.

Chabin also aided in the creation of The Robert Neer Promax/BDA Collection, a project developed in conjunction with and the Library of Congress to create the largest collection of television promos in the world.

Chabin was also credited with the creation of the Chairman's Business Council, enabling executives to access others in key positions on issues facing both the industry and the two organizations.

Having originally served as president of the Promax/BDA organization from 1992 to 1999, Chabin led an effort to educate the industry about brand marketing and was also a vocal advocate for elevating industry recognition for the association's members.

He left the organization in 1999 to join the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences during an economic downturn that curtailed the promotion, marketing and design sectors.

"As a non-profit association, Promax/BDA has been challenged to raise the profile and quality of work produced by our industry at a time when competition is unrelenting, budgets are constantly scrutinized and time is the enemy," ABC's Benson said. "Jim not only stepped into a difficult position, he stepped up to the plate, inspiring our members and reminding the industry as a whole that the exchange of information, experience and ideas makes all of us better and, in turn, benefits the companies we work for and with. We have the utmost faith in Jim's ability to build this organization for the future of our industry."

Added Kazanjian: "Our goal as an organization is to identify the competitive challenges facing our members and their companies and to target practical ways of meeting them. In the three years that Jim has been back at the helm, he has met and expanded on those goals while also reaching out to and encouraging the next generation of promotion, marketing and design professionals."

Chabin said that he is "deeply passionate about the vital role that marketing, promotion and design play in the global marketplace, and I take great pride in trumpeting the achievements of individual members and our community as a whole. And while there are still real challenges and hurdles to conquer, I believe we can mine the collective intelligence of these two organizations to develop and share manageable solutions that will propel the art of marketing and promotion to unimaginable accomplishments."