Chabin retakes mantle at PROMAX&BDA


Jim Chabin is returning to PROMAX&BDA as its CEO after a three-year
absence, and he will be charged with keeping the association relevant in the
face of drastic changes in the TV industry.

'We really have got to create activities and materials that reflect changes
in the marketplace and that will help to lead the industry into this brave new
world,' Chabin said.

Chabin had been president and CEO of the organization from 1992 through 1999,
starting with the Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Executives Association and
eventually changing the name to PROMAX.

He broadened the association's scope to include digital cable, satellite
delivery and the Internet, and he expanded its reach to Europe, Asia, Latin
America and Australia.

PROMAX became PROMAX&BDA in 1998, when it incorporated the Broadcast
Designers Association.

'As the television industry is challenged with incredible transformation, we
again look to Jim as our agent of change,' said Mark Stroman, senior marketing
agent for Endeavor Talent Agency.

'Under his leadership and guidance, our organization will ensure that
marketing and promotion continue to drive a new economy, growing the broadcast
and cable networks' return on their marketing investments and evolving a new
business paradigm,' he added.

Chabin -- who returns to PROMAX&BDA after serving as president of the
Association of Television Arts and Sciences -- replaces Glynn Brailsford, who
becomes chief creative officer and reports to Chabin.

The next PROMAX&BDA international conference will take place at the
Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles June 4 through