CES: EchoStar Unveils SlingGuide

Product will become available to Dish subs this spring

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Las Vegas -- Sling Media Thursday unveiled SlingGuide, a new Web-based way to easily find and record TV programming from anywhere, at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

SlingGuide, a unit of EchoStar, allows consumers to browse, search and record programs on their DVR from any PC, Macintosh or compatible mobile phone.

In addition, if the DVR is SlingLoaded or has a Slingbox connected to it, consumers can also watch live or recorded programs off their DVR through a Web-based version of the SlingPlayer software that is integrated into SlingGuide.

SlingGuide will be available first to Dish Network subscribers when it launches this spring of 2009.

“SlingGuide revolutionizes the way we search and discover traditional TV programming from satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasts,” Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, said in a statement.

"As avid couch potatoes, we were frustrated with the existing methods for finding what to watch and record from our satellite and cable TV sources,” he said. “Meanwhile, for the much larger universe of Internet-based content, we were able to enjoy amazingly quick, easy and precise search tools. ‘What regional sports station is that ball game on? Why does it take me so many steps to set a recording for a show on next week?’ In other words, why can’t I simply ‘Google’ my TV? SlingGuide, our answer to this frustration, makes it easy for you to find, watch and record the programming that matters most – from anywhere.”

For Dish Network customers with select DVRs, SlingGuide will provide a personal, integrated and centralized view of everything they want to watch or record on the satellite service, including programming from hundreds of channels, thousands of programming choices and Internet video from Sling.com.