Cert Alert: Oddsmaker Eyes Monday


One media oddsmaker is now looking at this Monday, June 13, for a signal from the Supreme Court as to whether it will review a lower court remand of the FCC's media ownership rules.

An order list comes out from the court Monday at 10 a.m., and a decision on "cert" is expected to be on it, according to one source involved in the original appeal of the rules.

Cert is short for "writ of certiorari," which is essentially a request from a higher court to a lower court for a transcript of the proceedings, which would be the signal that higher court--in this case the Supreme Court--has agreed to review the case.

Several appeals seek review of the Philadelphia federal appeals court's decision in summer 2004, which ordered the FCC to rewrite its June 2003 broadcast-ownership deregulation.

The Supreme Court's decisions on the Grokster secondary copyright infringement case and the Brand X case involving access to cable's high-speed lines are also due out by the end of the month.

The same handicapper suggested somewhere on the order of five-to-one odds against those coming out next week, however.