CEA says no to lab


Broadcast Labs has suffered a setback.

LIN Television Corp.'s Gary Chapman last week confirmed that Consumer Electronics
Association president Gary Shapiro told broadcasters the trade group would not
help fund the proposed research-and-development center.

Chapman and other lab proponents have a $2 million-per-year commitment from the
National Association of Broadcasters, but it's contingent on getting another $2
million per year from the consumer-electronics industry.

Chapman said he understood the CEA's turn-down.

Only 22 of the CEA's many members -- the major TV-set manufacturers -- stand to
gain from the successful deployment of digital TV, the principal goal of the
labs, he said.

Chapman added that he remains hopeful that several of the 22 that do want to see
digital TV succeed will step up with funding.

At the membership meeting of the Association of Maximum Service Television,
Bob Perryman of Mitsubishi Electronics Corp. fueled Chapman's optimism.

"Some [manufacturers] are committed," Perryman said. "Some are on the fence
and some may come over."

Said Chapman: "That was a significant statement. That was a plug for the