CEA, NCTA Team on DTV Education Campaign


The Consumer Electronics Asociation and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association are teaming on a DTV transition consumer-outreach campaign.

"All industries involved have a responsibility to educate consumers about this exciting new era in television," said CEA President Gary Shapiro. "To this end, we will combine our award-winning experience in DTV consumer education with cable's creativity and broad reach to help ensure consumers have easy access to quality information about this transition."

The campaign will include PSAs, retailer education, bilingual education, and cable customer communication.

The cable industry has been trying to communicate the benefits of digital cable to the almost two-thirds of its customers who still have analog service. Once those 40 million or so customers convert to digital, it will free up bandwidth for the delivery of more channels and even-higher-speed Internet service.

Some operators have even migrated channels and program guides to digital to try to lead their analog customers there.

CEA and the National Association of Broadcasters have teamed on consumer-education initiatives, but there's has been a somewhat contentious relationship, including a falling-out over the funding of an early campaign.

CEA spokesman Jeff Joseph said that NAB was invited to participate but "they declined at this time."