CEA members back digital security


After protracted negotiations, consumer electronics makers have agreed to endorse the Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) standard to secure content transmitted between consumer devices and to use "Firewire" in their digital video products.

The Consumer Electronics Association sent the agreement to back DTCP "5C" system and fast digital "Firewire" connections - formally identified as IEEE 1394 - in a letter to FCC Chairman Michael Powell. Once ratified by the Commission, the agreement will pave the way for manufacturers to begin offering the connection in their products in time for the Christmas selling season.

DTCP is an encryption to prevent content from being duplicated as it's transferred over a digital
connection in a home network. Two major studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. and Warner Brothers,
have agreed in principle with the 5C group to support DTCP, although The Walt Disney Company, for one, has yet to sign on. - Mike Grotticelli