CDD lobbies for media deregulation


The Center for Digital Democracy is asking Americans of high office and of no office to call for end to media deregulation at the FCC.

The group Monday launched a campaign urging the While House and Congress to oppose new deregulation. CDD also asked American consumers to oppose specific FCC rulemakings that could lead to looser ownership limits on cable operators and on cross-ownership between newspapers and broadcast stations in the same town.

"Under FCC Chairman Michael Powell, critical public interest safeguards designed to promote meaningful diversity of perspectives are likely to be eliminated," said Jeffrey Chester, CDD's executive director. "Without these and other rules, a handful of already powerful media companies will be able to further dominate communications in the US."

Chester also singled out News Corp., General Electric Corp. and Viacom for lobbying to eliminate broadcast ownership caps and bans on same-market broadcast/cable cross-ownership. - Bill McConnell