Posts Record Month in Unique Viewers, Streams, and Minutes

Network Website had 21 million unique viewers for February
Original: recorded a record-setting 21 million unique viewers for the month of February, with a 576% increase for the month compared to last year. The site also saw large year-by-year increases in streams (up 315%) and total minutes (up 452%).

“We continue to see growth to as a result of our strategy to bring our content to where fans are through hundreds of CBS Audience Network partners," said Bill Binenstock, VP of in a statement.

The growth of is driven by a multi-partner syndication strategy which includes 300 partner sites that stream content from through the audience network. also capitalized on success of shows like The Amazing Race by building out behind-the-scenes video content related to the programming as well as games and online contest.

The network can also thank Joaquin Phoenix, whose incoherent rambling interview on David Letterman Feb. 11 delivered more than 7.5 million clips views online the week following the Late Show broadcast.