CBS Unveils Movie Dates


Martha Stewart pic, Martha Behind Bars, which CBS dropped from its May sweeps lineup, will return in the fall--though still not in the sweeps--to lead off the network's lineup of original movies.

Martha, which will premiere Sept. 25, stars former model and TV star Cybill Shepherd as former model and TV star Stewart.

After that, the CBS movie lineup turns to death and destruction with: Mayday, Oct. 2, about, "chaos and death" on an airliner accidentally struck bya U. S. missile; The Hunt for the BTK Strangler, Oct. 9, about the serial torturer and killer; Time Bomb, Oct. 16, about the threat to blow up spectators at a big D.C. football game; Vampire Bats, Oct. 30, about killers who drain their victims of blood (and featuring the same stars/characters as last season's Locust; and for sweeps, Category 7: The End of the World, Nov. 6 and 13, the sequel to last year's hit, Cateogry 6, only this time with an even bigger killer storm that "culminates" over Washington D.C. (where those spectators will have hardly recovered from almost being blown up).