CBS TV Distribution Sues Global Broadcasting For $5 Million

Global's WLNE Providence airs five CTD shows

CBS Television Distribution is suing Global Broadcasting, owner of WLNE Providence, for failing to pay nearly $2.2 million in license fees on such CTD-distributed shows as Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, Rachael Ray, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight.

According to the complaint, filed Monday at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Global and WLNE has only paid $682,023.50 of the $2,852,564.00 that the company owes on the five syndicated programs.

"There is no excuse or explanation for Global's failure and refusal to pay the amount owed under the Agreements, particularly since Global continued to reap the benefits of the Agreements by airing the programs," states the complaint.

On Friday, June 5, WLNE announced that it would ceasing airing Dr. Phil, ET and Inside Edition as of June 28, and would replace those shows with Twentieth's Cristina's Court, Program Partners' Family Court and Disney-ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

CTD says that decision "anticipatorily" breaches the contract because it requires "Global to air the Programs during the contracted-for time period, and Global has no right to terminate the Agreements prior to their scheduled expirations."

Payment for the shows' full terms total an additional $2,786,461.00. With interest and attorneys' fees, CTD says Global now owes it nearly $5 million in unpaid current and future license fees. Moreover, removing the shows from the air also will deprive CTD of expected barter advertising revenue.