CBS' Trace Helps Find Missing Person


With the deadline looming for stations to respond to the FCC's proposed multi-million dollar fine against CBS dramaWithout a Trace, the network said Thursday that an 18-minth-old child had been found as a result of a "missing person" profile in the show.

According to CBS, a profile of 18-month-old Anisa Jackson that aired in the March 9 episode resulted in her return and the arrest of her parental kidnapper.

According to CBS, it was the second recovery of a missing person related to the show, which is about the missing persons unit of the FBI. The show profiles a real missing person each week.

CBS East Coast affiliates carrying the show at 9 p.m. were hit with the maximum proposed indecency fine of $32,500 per station last month--a total of over $3 million--for an episode featuring a teen sex party, though it contained no nudity or profanity.

The stations have 30 days from the March 15 release of the proposed fines to either pay them for file "a written statement seeking reduction or cancellation of their proposed forfeiture."