CBS Taking DTV Awareness Everywhere

PSA spots to feature cast from NCIS and Numb3rs

CBS Outernet is launching a series of public service announcements drawing awareness to the February 17 DTV Transition.
The PSAs, from CBS, CNET and the National Association of Broadcasters  will appear on American Airlines, AutoNet TV, the CBS Outernet Grocery Network, Gas Station TV and Healium. The combined reach of those outlets is nearly 70 million people a month, often in captive situations such as on line at the grocery store or on a plane.
The spots feature cast members from  CBS shows NCIS and Numb3rs as well as the editors of CNET.
"America's broadcasters are committed to ensuring that the DTV transition message reaches all affected viewers," said Jonathan Collegio, VP for the DTV transition at NAB, in a statement. "We are thrilled that CBS Outernet and its wide range of partners are helping us target tens of millions of consumers in thousands of high-traffic locations nationwide."


NAB Makes D.C. Aware of DTV

National Association of Broadcasters places ads about DTV transition deadline in bus shelters in high-traffic areas in downtown Washington, D.C.