CBS Streams Series on Yahoo!


Marking the first time CBS has made full episodes from its lineup available for streaming outside of, the network said Monday it will stream free, full-rerun episodes of Warner Bros.’ Two and a Half Men and 20th Century Fox Television’s How I Met Your Mother on Yahoo! TV this week.

The network and two studios are seeking to expose the shows to younger viewers and those who may have gotten new computers over the holidays with the targeted promo. The commercial-free “Comedy Bowl” will run from Dec. 27 to Jan. 2.

With ABC's Monday Night Football over for the season--and off broadcast entirely starting next season with its move to ESPN--CBS is looking to grab some of the viewers shaken loose by that January schedule shift and shift them to its Monday-night comedies.

Two episodes of each series will appear on Yahoo!. Until now, CBS has  primarily left streaming to its (notably Survivor and Threshhold), with the exception of the Google pact for UPN's Everybody Hates Chris, and stuck primarily with in-house produced programs.

“We're always looking for ways to provide current and potential new viewers every possible opportunity to sample our series," said Nancy Tellem, president, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group. "We want to be where the viewers are, and this exclusive partnership with Yahoo! gives us the chance to target an expanded online audience … at a time of the year when many potential viewers are home on vacation and surfing the Internet."

The episodes are from several weeks back, which CBS says is because they were among the strongest. But that should also appeal to affiliates concerned about repurposing too close to the original airdate.