CBS Slates Web-Only CSI: Miami Scene


In what is a first but probably not a last for the network, a bonus scene of hit procedural drama CSI: Miami is being produced exclusively for the Web.

Web surfers will apparently get a jump on the TV audience.

The scene, which will be available at starting Nov. 21, features a "crucial piece of information" on an investigation that will become a story arc throughout the remainder of the season.

The bonus scene, sponsored by Hummer, will be streamed immediately following the Monday 10-11 p.m. broadcast of the show. Hummer is the official product placement vehicle of the show, as anyone who has watched it probably already knows.
The scene will also include a Hummer, as well as Hummer-branded banners on the Web.The Web scene "contains a dramatic revelation about someone in our lab -- a revelation that threatens to tear the team apart and will lead to a shocking conclusion at the end of our season," hyped Ann Donahue, executive producer of the show.